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InterTest Microprocessor Controlled
Gross/Fine Leak Pressurization System With LCD Display

InterTest 1014-CII Systems are available in many configurations including 6", 9", or 12" diameter chambers.

Microprocessor Controlled Gross/Fine Leak Pressurization System With LCD Display
Easy to Operate

Microprocessor Control
Microprocessor Control System provides interactive communication with the operator and fast, simple and flexible programming.

Large Liquid Crystal Display and Touch-Key Entry
10" x 2 1/2" Display constantly gives current status for each chamber and provides instant review of all settings. Simply press the start key to initiate a cycle. Two programs are stored for each chamber... one for gross and one for fine.

Easy to Maintain and Calibrate

Real Time Diagnostics
Continuously self-monitored system displays error messages in plain English for quick, effective troubleshooting.

Highly Accessible Design
Easily removable panels, strategically placed components and tough, flexible Parflex™ tubing permit easy access for maintenance and service.

Manual Control Panel
The turn of a keyswitch instantly sends the status of all vacuum, pressure and fluid level readings to the display for easy calibration. Additionally, all system valves and pumps may be individually controlled.

High Reliability, Integrity and Productivity

Full Password Protection
System may be programmed to permit test parameter changes by authorized personnel only.

Exceeds MIL-STD-883 and High-Rel Specifications
Designed to meet or exceed Mil STD 883, Method 1014, Mil STD 750, Method 1071, Mil STD 202, Method 112 and other High-Rel commercial equivalents for Gross and Fine Leak Test conditions.

Power Failure Recovery
In the event of a power failure all values are stored into battery backed memory, and the computer maintains control of the cycle. Upon restoration, all test parameters are verified to ensure that the cycle remains within compliance, then the cycle continues, uninterrupted.

Automatic Start Yields 33% Throughput Increase
Either or both chambers may be loaded at the end of a shift/day and programmed to automatically complete preconditioning as the next shift/day begins.

"Fluid Level Restore/Helium Hold" Modes
"Fluid Level Restore" maintains chamber fluid level above tubes as each is removed for testing. "Helium Hold" Mode maintains pressure setpoint which allows operators convenient flexibility between preconditioning and helium leak testing.

Totally Independent Chamber Operation
Process chambers are completely independently programmable and function separately to allow flexibility for balancing workloads.

Fluorocarbon Savings

In the ready mode, fluid detected at the bottom of a chamber is automatically drained to storage. This allows an operator to empty remaining fluid from buckets into the chamber, thus reducing handling losses.

The use of redundant vacuum valves prevents fluorocarbon ingestion by the pump.

A 3-way vent valve properly routes fluorocarbon laced nitrogen through the storage tank for recondensing and routes helium directly to atmosphere disallowing any fluorocarbon evaporation.

The system constantly monitors for unwanted fluorocarbon presence during vacuum cycles. In this case, the cycle is aborted and the operator is notified, unlike competitors' systems.


Printer to provide test certification for full traceability

Helium only

Single Chamber

6", 9" or 12" Diameter chambers (any depth to 30")

Parts Handlers

Filler Blocks

Service Contracts

Activation Chambers (Standard):
6" ID x 28"L (3.6 gallon capacity)
9" ID x 28"L (8.1 gallon capacity)
12" ID x 28"L (13.7 gallon capacity)
Vacuum System:
7 CFM Industrial direct drive pump
Fluorocarbon System:
Filtration to 0.45 Micron, individual rotary gear pumps for fill and drain
48"W x 32"D x 55"H, 800 lbs.
Gas Supply Requirements:
Regulated N2 or CDA, and/or He @ 95 PSIG
110-120 VAC, 60 Hz, 30A (Domestic) or 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz, 30A (Intntl)
Special Features:
Audible announcement of cycle completion, diagnostic display messages on LCD should an error occur, battery backed memory retention of system settings, automatic fluid level restore for stick mode, external fluid fill and drain.

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